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Friday, February 7, 2014

First Post, and A Linux Review

Hello Blogger, this is Nick here with my new blog. Most of the shtuff I will cover is about computers, videogames, programming, and anything else that isn't boring. Anywho, tonight I am going to cover Linux. I recently discovered that netbooks are not useless. Not useless at all, in fact. With Windows 7 on a netbook, you really can't do much, e.g. programs lag, games don't run, and the UI is slow. But, Linux runs so much faster, that I have actually started using my netbook again. Its not a new discovery, everybody knows Linux is faster, but I never gave it a shot until about a week ago. I'm running Debian, the 2nd most popular distro rivaled by her son, Ubuntu. But what can Linux do? Well, its known for server hosting, programming, hacking, and things of that sort, so its perfect for me. Here's a list of some cool Debian packages that I found pretty damn cool:

  • Enscribe – This unique program takes an image file, reads the colors and pixels, and converts it into a sound file.
  • Geany – This simplistic, elegant code editor has beautiful syntax coloring, multi-language support, and it can run your code without any need for the terminal.
  • Mednafen – Wondering what kind of ROMs you can play? Look up Mednafen, it supports SNES, NES, Gameboy, and several others.

Anyway thats it for my first post, hope you find interest in my blog.

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