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Monday, February 10, 2014

Useful Tips on Game Dev

As you may have read in my first post, I like to program. Particularly games. Heck, one of these days I might even get on Steam. But what tips do I have for my fellow game developers? I hate to use bullet points again, but I'm kind of at gunpoint here...
  • Be wary of your fonts. The text style can really determine a lot about a game, e.g. if your making a pixelated game, use a pixelated font. When the text matches the theme, it is quite appealing to the eye. There are plenty of royalty free websites to use, my favorite is
  • Code efficiently. The more minimalistic you write it, the faster it'll run. For example, use some else if statements where you can, or if your using a loop, don't call a function more than it needs to be called.
  • Use an appealing color scheme. Remember, a game is also a piece of art, so use something that makes sense. Use the color wheel, mix hot and cold, make sure it looks right. Just because a game works the way you want it to, does not mean its finished.

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