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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Top 3 Game Dev Environments

Yet another post about game development, big surprise right? As you may have assumed, I intend to list my favorite three game development environments and explain my reasoning.
3. BlitzPlus
This takes third because I appreciate its' unique architecture. It's a high-level engine built for a dialect of Basic. I haven't really gotten the chance to use it, but I have tested it out and supposedly it blits graphics at remarkable speeds. (I do intend on making projects with it in the future.)
2. Construct Classic
Indeed a beautiful engine packed with many features, including a scene editor, built-in frame animation for sprites, and a simple .exe generator for your finished product. As I type, a friend and I are both working on an indie title in it. Aside that, I have gained a lot of respect for the company as they have made it open-source, and released a sequel to the engine. It's only a hundred bucks, if my title succeeds I will indefinitely buy a copy.
1. Visual C++/SDL 2
This takes first because I am new to it and so far loving it. SDL is amazing because anybody can build a library on top of it, and is one of the most widely used game libraries. Visual C++ is nice too, it handles a compiler for you, and works well with SDL. I also appreciate its' low-levelness, the functions only cover the basics, leaving more flexibility for the programmer.